Thursday, 9 March 2017

Mid term post: What are the steps I am taking to improve student outcomes?

Kia Ora! So far this term is proving to be a busy one filled with interruptions, however there have been some significant changes in the way math is run in Room 4!

The biggest change I have made is implementing a workshop based math rotation. This provides 20 minute sessions where children work through basic fact activities, Maths whizz time, a 20 minute rotation with me, and then 20 minutes on their site, working on their maths tasks.

The rationale behind this was that I felt the kids were lacking engagement in their work, and were spending too long on one activity, without actually finishing anything!

This rotation also provides the opportunity for the kids to finish their activities, and move onto 'may do' activities, where they feel like they have choice in what they are learning.

So, it is still early days, but I have already noticed the kids engagement levels are up, and because they can check in with me each day, they are held more accountable for how much they are getting done. It also means that hopefully we can get through more content and accelerate their learning!!

 (Kids using modelling books from teacher workshop to work through their presentation)
Stay tuned to see how we go!!

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  1. Hi Hayely,
    It's so good to hear the kids are engaging with the rotations, long may it continue.