Monday, 20 February 2017

Proportions and Ratios- filling the gap

When looking at the common trends in terms of maths gaps, the area of proportions and ratios is often one that has a significant dip in it. This too is the case for my class this year.

I have a class of 27 year 7/8 learners, working from a range of stage 3 to stage 7. Recently the children completed an assessment (IKAN) where nearly all of the kids came out at stage 3/4 in place value and fractions.

When identifying a group of priority learners, I was looking at children who are on the cusp of achieving national standard, or are just below. I noticed that I had a group of kids that were achieving at stage 6, but in proportions and ratios, were coming out at 4. I chose these kids as my target students as they were achieving just below the standard in all other areas of maths, and I felt with a focus on proportions and ratios I could not only target an area that they were struggling in, but also hopefully fill some of their gaps in regards to basic facts and strategy use.

Because of this, I have decided to have this as my focus for my teaching inquiry. My question is "Will the use of targeted away tasks focused on proportions and ratios, on top of workshop focussed teaching time, accelerate my students learning?

It is set to be a busy year, but I am really hoping that my inquiry into this will help our students. Watch this space for updates and progress reports!

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  1. Hi Hayley and welcome to Pt England. I hope you are enjoying the kids so far.
    Good luck with your inquiry, It's an interesting inquiry, it's great when you can bring in and share some ideas and experiences that have been tried at other school you have worked in.