Sunday, 27 August 2017

clarity in the classroom- in all areas

This morning we started our maths session off with a look at our maths whizz graph, and how as a class we were doing. We once again looked at last weeks progress, and celebrated the significant shifts we had made as a class. Then we had a look at what our weakest are was. We could clearly see it was rapid recall in times table and division, so as a class, decided this would be the best option for our focused learning. 

We are currently (on average) working at 9.52 years, and have set a goal that our average will be up to 10 years old by Sunday. It is an optimistic goal, but I felt it was important to set high goals, so as not to put a 'glass ceiling' on the kids. 

Upon reflection, I think maybe I should be looking at these gaps on math whizz a bit more closely, and tailoring my site work to match their focus on math whizz. This would mean that all work links, and chn are getting consolidation from both means of maths.

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